Friday, August 7, 2015

Karl Fitzgerald The Naval Battle Print

FAMP Art has released an epic new print. The print is called The Naval Battle and it’s a piece by Karl Fitzgerald. Instead of the usual subject for the print, history takes center stage on this piece of art.

Karl is a British illustrator, concept artist and comic book artist currently working in the South East of England. He creates imaginative worlds and tells stories through atmospheric imagery. Using traditional methods as well as digital tools he is able to create a fresh, loose but focused style. Having been mentored by comic book artist Chris Weston, he has developed a ranged skill set from comic book art to concept design. “My major influences include Moebius, Sergio Toppi, Adrian Smith and Mike Mignola, but I have many artist heroes!” says Karl.

FAMP came across Karl’s work after seeing Chris Weston, who they’ve worked with before, post some of his pieces online. FAMP followed him for a bit and then when he unveiled his Naval Battle piece they knew they had to work with him. As a result, they’re teaming up to release that very print in two versions.

The first is a 28.2"x15.2" giclee printed on somerset velvet fine art paper with archival inks. It’ll be hand numbered, an edition of 20 and will cost $55.The second is a 28.2"x15.2" giclee printed on canvas with archival inks. It’ll be hand numbered, an edition of 5 and will cost $150. The canvas is uncut so that you can stretch and mount the piece.

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