Monday, August 24, 2015

Dark Hall Mansion Sale & New Laurent Durieux Poster

There is a sale happening this week at Dark Hall Mansion. Here's how it works: Just visit the DHM store here: from 9:30 AM PST-5 PM PST TUESDAY, Aug 25th, purchase any DHM on-sale Std edition for 25% off (while supplies last) and during check out you'll have the option to advance purchase their surprise Laurent Durieux Std edition as well-both for a single shipping fee! If you purchase a Variant on-sale item, you'll have the right to purchase the Variant Durieux surprise print. It's that easy.

At 5:30 PM PST, same day, TUESDAY, Aug 25th, they'll reveal their latest DHM Seminal Film Series release by artist Laurent Durieux on our Facebook page here:
But what is it? It's a surprise! Just know it's BIG, officially licensed, and a major studio property. Each Durieux surprise print is a full 11-colors, measures 24" x 36," is hand numbered, and screen printed.

And YES, if for some reason (unlikely) you're not thrilled with the Durieux print on its reveal, they'll of course refund you the Durieux edition's cost.

There will ONLY be as many sale items in the store TUES as there are Durieux prints available for this special release: 350 Std & 125 Variants, and it doesn't matter which Std or Var on-sale item you purchase or its price. Ex, purchase one Std edition on-sale item (receive 25% off the on-sale item) and you may then purchase one Durieux Std surprise edition, purchase one Std + one Variant on-sale item (receive 25% off both on-sale items) and you would be entitled to one Std surprise Durieux + one Variant surprise Durieux print, etc. Limit of 2 Durieux Std and Variant editions per household.

Do I have to purchase a Durieux print? Of course not :) it's a perk of the DHM 25% off sale, you may purchase any on-sale item by itself and receive your one-day 25% off discount.

Durieux advance purchases MUST be made at the time you purchase your on-sale item(s) so our fulfillment firm can combine your shipping. The pricing is our usual for the Durieux surprise prints: $65 for a Std edition, $100 for a Variant. The 25% off does NOT apply to the Durieux surprise prints, only to on-sale items. There will be a few select Durieux foil and canvas editions offered in our general Durieux sale day-FRIDAY Aug 28th only.

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