Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Emek Twenty One Pilots Charlottesville Poster Release

Emek recently did the poster for the Twenty One Pilots concert in Charlottesville, VA.

Twenty One Pilots consists of 2 members, the reason for a two headed plane. The duo came up with their name while studying All My Sons by Arthur Miller. The play is based on a real event, about a man who must decide what is best for his family after causing the death of twenty-one pilots during World War II. He knowingly sent them faulty plane parts for the economic good of his business. The story's moral dilemma of choosing between the easy and the right decision inspired the name and formation of the band... Since then, they've had numerous hits on the pop, rock, and alternative charts. Twenty One Pilots are only the third rock act to have two singles simultaneously chart in the top five of the Billboard Hot 100, joining the Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Size: 34" x 24”
Artist Edition of 100
Signed, Numbered and printed with glossy red
Price: $80 + shipping

On sale at www.emekstudios.com click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page. The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between 12:00pm and 12:30pm PT on Thursday Feb. 9th. When the sale is complete we will replace the BUY BUTTONS with SOLD-OUT.

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