Friday, February 24, 2017

Jay Ryan Cat Installer Prints Box Set

Jay Ryan has been working for a couple weeks on this set of SIXTEEN cats to be installed in your house or apartment. Each print measures approximately 8 by 10 inches, and is only available as a part of this set. They are printed on heavy white paperboard, and they don't roll. They come in a box. The box has cats on it, just like your bedroom wall soon will.

 Three screens each, printed on heavy white 8"x10" paperboard (which does not roll). Ships in a printed cardboard box. Prints are not sold individually.
- Signed and numbered edition of 50 sets for 2017 Bird Machine subscribers.
- 140 sets available for sale, not signed or numbered.
- 190 sets overall (50 Subscriber + 140 retail)
The Cat Installer Box Set costs $48, which breaks down to $3.00 per cat.

Jay hid the rest of his store for a few days so that they can all focus on these cats. Jay thanks you for considering these cats.

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