Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kim Cogan Old Roberts Motel Art Print

Kim Cogan has released a new print with 1xRUN titled Old Roberts Motel.
"This painting was included in my 2015 solo exhibition, The Other Side. The show focused on realism and memory. I wanted to piece together abstract memories with the nostalgia of a distinct time and place to create a new, dream-like reality. I combined old photographs with new ones to make complete images, very similar to how you might construct a memory in your head. This painting is one of a kind, and can never duplicated. What sets this image apart from others is the subject, how the light is portrayed and the luminous color, the bold brushstrokes and layering of paint, and the mood.

It was also inspired by an actual location, the Roberts Motel in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset. On the same block was the Ocean Beach Diner, and my second home, Aqua Surf Shop. The beach was a block away, and there was a mini ramp to skate in the back. I have many great memories of that place. I scraped my pennies together and bought my first real deal surfboard from there long ago." - Kim Cogan
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