Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kevin Tong Arrival Movie Poster Release From Mondo

Happening on Thursday, Mondo will have a couple of new posters for one of the best films to come out of 2016: Denis Villeneuve's stunning sci-fi tale, Arrival. Mondo are such huge fans of the movie and when the opportunity came to create a poster for it, they knew Kevin Tong would be a great fit to handle artwork. Kevin has created a beautiful and poignant scene that manages to perfectly balance the emotional core at the center of film faced by Louise Banks (played expertly by Amy Adams) with the cold and desolate production design of the spacecraft. Kevin's composition and use of negative space cleverly amplifies and creates a mood of isolation and tension while also serving as a visual representation of the "weight of knowledge" being dropped on Louise throughout the film.

Arrival just arrived on Blu-ray and Digital HD this week, so if you haven't seen the film, they recommend course correcting as soon as possible. The posters will be available at a random time Thursday at

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