Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tom Whalen Poster Mystery Tubes

For the first time ever Tom Whalen is having a poster mystery tube sale.

Here are the details.
$50 (+ shipping) gets you THREE 18x24 screenprinted posters and a bonus miniprint.

There is at least one of every poster from the header image available. There are more posters available than what is pictured in the header image. A few 12x36 posters will be sprinkled in the pool.

Some bonus miniprints are screenprinted handbills, some are digital handbills, some are 11x14 digitally printed miniposters.

No requests for specific screenprints or miniprints will be honored.

No, there will not be any Steamboat Willie or Monsters inc. posters offered.

Mystery Tubes drop at NOON Wednesday February 22 at in his store.

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