Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cristian Eres The Fifth Element Movie Posters Release

Cult Classic Prints Presents: The Fifth Element "Caretakers of the Stones" & "Safekeeper of the Stones" Variant by Cristian Eres

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Following Cristian's Arrival print, next up in their sci-fi series reaching out to other worlds, they couldn't think of a movie more perfect than The Fifth Element for Cristian's style, those of you that know the movie well will know Jean Giraud "Moebius" created storyboards and concept designs on many parts of the movie along with fellow collaborator, artist & friend Jean-Claude Mezieres. Mezieres's Valérian and Laureline comic book series (often referenced as inspiration for George Lucas's fairly well known space series) is also being adapted by Luc Besson this year for screen, so it kind of felt only right to approach Cristian to produce a print (or two) for The Fifth Element who cites Moebius as being his main inspiration for his art and who is a huge fan of sci-fi.

Regular colors inspired by both Korben and Leeloo's clothing thus also a nod to Jean Paul Gaultier.

Variant wise they decided to make it quite different, art nouveau in style, with the Mondoshawans taking centre stage in the regular and being the caretakers of the stones we thought this would be an appropriate companion piece (at a smaller size) with the Diva being entrusted by the Mondoshawans to safekeep the stones.

**Caretakers of the Stones** Regular
Max Run 75
Screen Print
Specialist Curious Metallic Ice Silver 300gsm Paper
£47 GBP excluding shipping

**Safekeeper of the Stones** Variant
Max Run 75
Light Blue, Gold and Silver Metallic Inks
Screen Print
£39 GBP excluding shipping

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