Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bjorn Bauer Pixies Syracuse Poster

Bjorn Bauer has released a new poster for a recent Pixies concert in Syracuse, NY.

Bjorn talks about the concept:
This design is inspired by the classic Pixies song “Levitate Me,” but more broadly it’s my attempt to visualize the colorful intensity of this band. I’ve been experimenting with layering process colors over textures in my paintings, and I wanted to apply some of those ideas to this poster. I distinctly remember being 18 and buying my first Pixies album at the Disc & Dat CD shop in Penang, Malaysia. I never imagined I’d be designing posters for such an influential band twenty years later.
The poster measures 18"x24" and it is a five-color screen prin.
Standard Edition: 50 copies, signed and numbered $3.
Rainbow Foil Edition: 25 copies, signed and numbered $40.

Bundle option: get one of each version for $60.

On sale now at 

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