Friday, July 27, 2018

Foo Fighters Cuyahoga Falls Print By Darin Shock Release

Darin Shock has a new poster and it's another first for him. He designed the Foo Fighters poster for the show in Cuyahoga Falls. It will be going on sale Friday 7-27-18 at 1pm EDT. There will be a regular edition, a lava foil and a rainbow foil. All will be available at

Darin talks about the his idea for the design:
While coming up with a concept, I was listening to and thinking about a few Foo Fighters songs...particularly "Learn to Fly" and "The Sky is a Neighborhood". I was thinking on themes of flight and space exploration and silliness (similar to many of their videos). The poster depicts a paper airplane launch being taken in by a fascinated girl in the foreground. I decided to use my daughter, Zella, for reference and was later convinced that was meant to be when I learned that Dave Grohl put his own daughters in "The Sky is a Neighborhood" video. I also thought it would be interesting to depict the band performing on the top of a shuttle launch station...a la the Beatles on the Apple building in 1969.

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  1. The rainbow foil is amazing, picked one up at the show