Friday, July 13, 2018

Pearl Jam Madrid Poster By Brad Klausen Release

Pearl Jam's 2018 European tour is almost over and they were in Madrid last night and Brad Klausen designed the poster for the concert.

He based the poster of the song Lightning Bolt.

The poster measures 12" x 27" inches, 8 Color screen print that will have a signed and numbered artist edition of 200 and it will cost you $65 plus shipping.

On sale Friday at 3pm EDT at

Brad had an issue with his website today during the sale.

Update from Brad:
 have closed the site now to avoid more of the same issue.

From what I am hearing it sounds like the issue at hand is not something that will get resolved today, sounds like there is some work that is required to get it fixed... maybe later this evening, but it might be something that I have to address with the people helping me on monday, as it is getting close to quitting time for them on a friday and they have already been gracious enough to try and see if they can help get this resolved quickly and I do not feel comfortable asking  them to give up their friday evening to keep helping me. I will keep you all up to date on all of it... and like I said will do my very best to make sure that if you carted the poster and were on your way to check out and got stopped, that you get what you carted.

Again, all apologies for the faulty site and frustrating experience. I know you all just want one of the posters and trust me, I want to get them to you probably more then you want one! Once it gets figured out I will send out an email and FB post and post here and give you all the necessary info.

Definitely not the day any of us were expecting, and not the work load I was planning on dealing with the next few days... but the site had this issue that I was unaware of, so I guess better to have it happen now, then say during some bigger sale in the future...

okay time to walk away and get to the other things on the list for today... the moment I have news you guys will be the first to know..thank you again and as always for your patience and understanding and for digging the art