Friday, July 6, 2018

Joey Feldman Pixies & Primus Posters Release Plus AJ Masthay

It’s the Summer of concerts, and today Bottleneck Gallery have got a bunch of fantastic new prints by AJ Masthay and Joey Feldman!

AJ’s newest gig poster for Primus is, as AJ puts it, “inspired by an old Henry Justice Ford illustration but with a little more psychotic narrative.” The variants for this print are truly absurd!

For Dead & Company, AJ’s new print is a waterside jam! Here’s what AJ has to say about it: “Uncle Sam has made his way out to the Bay Area and is hosting himself a little psychedelic west coast shoreline jam session with the local flora & fauna. Watch out for those dancing shrooms, they appear to be particularly ‘magical’.”

Joey's Pixies print also has a backstory by being a homage to Ozzy Osbourne's infamous 1981 Des Moines concert where he bit the head off of a bat.

And for his Primus print, Joey presents to us, "the Devil’s Dealer, Satan’s Slinger of Cards, Lucifer in a silk vest. The master of temptation and indulgence. You may win the hand, but you will lose your soul no matter what the cards hold. Always remember, what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas."

AJ and Joey's prints, alongside some variants, will be available today at 12PM EDT at

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