Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jay Ryan The Minot Quartet Print Release Details

This print will go on sale around noon CDT (chicago time) today.

Details from Jay

last week, i was in minot, north dakota, for the NOTSTOCK arts festival. i showed my slides, and was involved in a gallery show (along with chicago's justin santora, and big table studio, from minneapolis). i made these prints in the student union over the course of two days. a door nearby kept blowing prints around, one woman was certain that beavers don't have webbed rear feet (they do), and the mochas were delicious and readily available to me. this print is six screens, and shows a bit more of the "handmade" character than some of my other recent work. this was printed on heavyweight french *muscletone* paper in an edition of 90 pieces, most of which have sold already. they're $40.
i have very few available, but they will go online around noon today, chicago time.

Buy it HERE
soft launch of new bird machine website
in the next day or two, jay will be doing a soft launch of the new bird machine website. amonst the various improvements will be the elimination of the "email for availability" feature of the current site, which means that jay will be able to reliably sell individual pieces, such as the small pile of sold-out orphan prints he has near his desk. please keep your eye on the site to see what sort of stuff he will be posting as things get rolling. there may be a couple surprises.

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