Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tonight's Primus Poster From Detroit by Prairie Prince

Zoltron who is curating the Primus poster series was very fortunate to have a poster designed by the one and only Prairie Prince Facebook Page (here is his website)- legendary drummer, member of The Tubes and a founding member of Journey, a killer artist & all around awesome guy... Oh and did we mention he actually knows Neil Hamburger ?

100 Prairie signed & numbered, carefully Tubed copies - (Get it... Tubed?) will be available at tonight's show in Detroit! Get one before the sell out. Go!

Check for tickets for tonight's show here:


  1. Wow...What a crappy looking poster...
    Worst of the tour so far IMO.
    Not quite as bummed I am missing the show tonight now.
    Douche move selling the prints 4 hours before the show even starts too! Just sayin.

  2. This poster is HORRIBLE!!!

  3. not going to the show just cause of the poster? that is ridiculous. its all about the music

    1. Not sure how "Not quite as bummed" translates into "not going to the show just cause of the poster". I was front row last year. Got a signed poster and the stage used setlist.
      I couldn't go last night and was pissed...Saw the poster and thought, "at least I'm not missing a great print too"...
      That's all.