Friday, October 26, 2012

Old School Video Games (Level 2) at Gallery 1988 and Darin Shock

Darin Shock
Little Mac & Doc

Darin Shock
King Hippo
Don't miss the opening of Gallery1988's 2nd Annual Old School Video game Art Show, now dubbed Level 2, TONIGHT (Friday, Oct. 26). This exhibit will feature artwork from almost 75 artists, all inspired by video games of yesteryear.

The opening reception will take place from 7-10pm at Gallery1988 Venice,
and the show will run through November 24th.

Gallery1988 Venice
214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Darin Shock did something a little different for his contribution to Gallery 1988's "Old School Video Game: Level 2" exhibit. Working exclusively on a computer for years he felt the need to get his hands dirty in order to salvage a little sanity.  Darin submitted two 3 dimensional sculptures entitled "Little Mac & Doc" and "King Hippo" respectively. They are both 20 x 24" mixed media relief type sculptures and both will be available at the opening tonight for $500 a piece
Here is Darin talking about how he created the pieces 
 After working exclusively on a computer for years I reached the point where I HAD to slap on the old apron and actually make something with my hands. I haven't ventured into the 3rd dimension since college and found it to be very refreshing and a nice change of pace. I quickly learned that this is a beginning of a new aspect of State of Shock Studios and will be proud to present similar pieces in the future in addition to the usual poster & design work.

When I was asked to contribute to Gallery 1988's
Old School Video Game show I knew I wanted to focus on Nintendo's Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. When this game came out in 1987 it quickly became a favorite. I was not only enthralled with the playability of the game but was also fascinated with all of the unique characters. I've always had an interest in (and therefore am influenced by) all things cartoonish and these boxers each presented something exciting to me visually. I didn't own this game as a kid and had to pretend to tolerate the nerd down the street to have access...apparently it was worth it. Many moons later I do not consider myself a gamer but have very fond connections to the games of my childhood. Punch-Out and Baseball Stars are easily my favorite games of all time and it was great to be able to honor one of them.

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