Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day of the dead book from Angryblue Last Gasp and Crackhead Press

Finally! The book that Angryblue and Jeral Tidwell put together with the amazing people over at Last Gasp has not only been fully realized

For this release, there are two different packages available from each artist. One is the book alone for a mere $25. The other is a VERY LIMITED (50 signed/numbered) deluxe mystery box full of goodies (screenprints? stickers? a new strain of that flu you've been waiting for?! blood diamonds?!) for $50. These will be shipped in about 2 weeks as they're still waiting on some of these assorted treats to arrive. They are really excited with the things they've put together as a whole as well as the things we're offering in our individual sets. Mind = BLOWZND!

Onto the meat of the book itself. MMMMM. Meats. From Last Gasp:
Celebrate life (and death) with Amigos de los Muertos, a contemporary collection of Day of the Dead art. New takes on classic images including sugar skulls, dancing skeletons, dead musicians, the grim reaper, Evel Knievel skeletons, and more—all rendered in the crisp, detailed linework. The artists of Amigos de los Muertos are Jeral Tidwell, Angryblue, Roberto Jaras Lira, and David Lozeau. These four artists draw from the Dia de los Muertos tradition of Posada, blending in their own styles, influenced by tattoo art, gig posters, kustom kulture and skateboarding. Amigos de los Muertos is beautifully designed and printed, with a faux leather debossed cover, gold foil stamping, purple ribbon, and gilded edges.

Buy it at Angryblue's website

Buy it at Jeral Tidwell's Website

Check out the video they put together showing the book

Amigos de los Muertos - Angryblue from justin kamerer on Vimeo.

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  1. I love Angryblue's work. He has such a clean and detailed style