Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Derek Hess Rush Poster Cleveland On Sale

For the first time in over 6 years Derek Hess has done a rock concert poster. Some how Rush got him to do one for the show in Cleveland this past weekend. The poster is a 5 color serigraph, 36" x 20", edition of 150.

Derek Hess on how he designed the poster :

ok...a few things going on here...it's 5 colors...two reds in the back, one metallic silver, a dark red / brown of the symbols and a black for the main figure and text. the two in the back are to reflect the color palate of the record 'clockwork angels' which this poster is for the cleveland stop on that tour. the main image of that records art work revolves around symbols on a clock's face. so i took the iconic rush start and laid the symbols around the circle like a clock. then three of the symbols i replaced with three angels..'clockwork angels'..and the three also represent the three members of rush. final i did a gestural drawing of the rush guy against the federation in black to pull him away from the rest of the piece to keep it from flattening out

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