Monday, March 11, 2013

Bottleneck Gallery Presents Raid71's The Popular Face of New York Charity Art Show PREVIEWS

Next Friday, March 15th Bottleneck Gallery in New York will be having their first solo show. The artist that they will be showcasing is Raid71 aka Chris Thornley. He is an amazing guy from the UK who is not only talented but also really big into charity. A majority of the proceeds he earns from his regular work goes to ArtVCancer. Something that they are very into at Botttleneck.

He will be showcasing around 25 pieces. And all pieces are extremely limited. (Most are 25 print runs).

Details of show
Name: The Popular Face of New York
Artist: Raid71
Opening Reception: March 15th 7pm – 10pm
Charity: ArtVCancer
Drinks provided by Brooklyn Brewery and snacks by O-live.

Raid71’s inspiration for the show:

“Pop culture profoundly influences the identities of not only its consumers,
but also its real world referents.

The curate’s egg that is globalisation has scattered a billion Brooklyns,
Bronxes and Manhattans around the world. Each one is selectively shot, sung
or drawn with an agenda. When the world sees Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks finally
meet at the top of the Empire State Building with Manhattan spread out
before them like a celestial banquet, the city becomes as synonymous with
romance as Belle Époque Paris; when Kong climbs the same building to meet
his tragic fate, the city becomes a jungle in which the astounding and the
unique are forever doomed to be reduced to bloody spectacle; when Patrick
Bateman wends his sanguinary way through the antiseptic warrens of Wall
Street, the city becomes an icy skullscape where weakness is punishable by

With the exhibition ‘The Popular Face of New York’, I present an outsider’s
perspective on a city. For me, this is Scorsese’s city
– an abyss of vice, drugs and crime which echoes with the sound of
ricocheting bullets; it is Woody Allen’s city of introspection, ennui and
sexual paranoia; it is the only city in the world strong enough to survive a
million celluloid obliterations; it is a postmodern diorama in which Top Cat
and Vito Corleone can coexist on the same block.”

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