Monday, March 18, 2013

Tim Doyle Muse St Louis & Tulsa Posters On Sale

Tim Doyle recently did a couple of posters for the band MUSE for their THE SECOND LAW tour. He did the posters for the St Louis and Tulsa concerts.

Both prints are 18×24, in editions of 125, and feature metallic silver and florescent pink ink!

Tim Doyle on how he designed the posters-
“When I was originally asked by the company managing the band’s VIP merch, I literally had never heard a song by MUSE. I am old and mostly smell funny, and don’t listen to anything that can’t be played on an accordion. BUT- after checking out a couple of MUSE’s music videos on the YouTubeBox, I was impressed by the large-scale epic Sci-Fi feel a couple of them had, and the rusty gears in my brain started turning. I’ve been on a bit of a Moebius kick recently (like, since about 1982 when I first saw TRON) and so I wanted to pay tribute to that great master while also mixing in some Jack Kirby and Sorayama for good measure. Like 99% of my prints, they’re drawn by my aged, shaky hands and then scanned into my computer, where elves do the rest of the work.”

You can buy them right now HERE in the TIM DOYLE section of the Nakatomi store!

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