Monday, March 18, 2013

Jay Shaw's exclusive poster for the 'Starry Eyes' Kickstarter

Here is Jay Shaw's exclusive Kickstarter poster for 'Starry Eyes,' a feature horror film co-directed by Dennis Widmyer

Jay also did the artwork for their Kickstarter page and official website:

Jay has been amazing about supporting the film. And if this isn't enough, here are some other cool things they're offering to donors:
The film is being produced by Travis Stevens ('The Aggression Scale,' 'A Horrible Way To Die') who just had two films play at SXSW this week ('Cheap Thrills' and 'Big Ass Spider.')

The Kickstarter has great rewards: Not only do they have this exclusive new art print from Jay Shaw, but Chuck Palahniuk is thanking donors in his upcoming 2014 novel 'Beautiful You.'

Also offering Producer credit, speaking roles, set visits, the opportunity to die in the film's climax, Blu-rays, T-shirts and more.

Also if you only want the poster they have a reward for just that as well

Oh, and all 17 posters from Shaw's Blue Underground set, as featured in his Mondo gallery last year.

Check it out here

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