Wednesday, March 27, 2013

RoboCop Jay Shaw Mondo Movie Poster

When the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's Tough Guy Cinema presentation of RoboCop hits on Monday, April 8 fans of the film are in for a treat. Not only do they get to see the finest dystopian sci-fi action film ever made on the big screen -- complete with live, in-theater pyrotechnics! -- they also will get a chance to own a limited-edition piece of genuine RoboCop fine art, thanks to Mondo, Drafthouse's art division.

For the first-ever Denver area Tough Guy Cinema, Mondo commissioned Littleton artist Jay Shaw to create a suitably melancholic alt-art film poster for the iconic '80s flick.  Shaw had this to say about his reimagined RoboCop imagery:
"I've always seen Robocop as a modern Frankenstein (or Prometheus) story. The monster is a reflection of his creator's narcissistic ambition. Like the Frankenstein monster, Robocop is ultimately betrayed by his makers and resigns to punish them. The themes of mad science and corporate inhumanity are represented here by a single bloody teardrop underneath a fractured Omni Consumer Products logo. I decided to utilize Polish language because the style of the piece calls to that of film posters produced in Poland during the mid-twentieth century. "Superglina," the Polish title of the film, translates literally to "Supercop" but can also mean "Violent Force".

A small number of limited edition prints of the artwork can be purchased at the screening for $35, and Shaw himself will be on hand. If you miss your shot there, you can try to pick one up later at the Mondo website.

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