Monday, April 22, 2013

Beau Stanton Ornamented Subconscious Print Release Details


How often can you get a sick print on COPPER ? Well today is that day as 1xRUN are excited to welcome back Beau Stanton as he returns for his 5th RUN with the hand-embellished screen prints Ornamented Subconscious.

"The idea for this print began when I wanted to present an alternate view of the iconic skull image. I thought it could be really interesting to see from the inside looking out of a skull with all of the interior cavities and such. The prints were created over the course of a week in March with acrylic based screen print ink on 110 lb. French Paper and 16 ounce copper sheet. I decided to adapt this image into a screen print because the strong graphic elements and color scheme seemed to be ideal for the four color process. I've always liked the idea of printing on different materials and copper seemed to offer an interesting quality to this particular print. Because the inks used are mostly transparent, the finished print takes on a kind of holographic look when the light reflects off of the copper and passes back through the ink layers. It's difficult to capture this effect in photos, but the end result is really beautiful." - Beau Stanton

Two editions Ornamented Subconscious

24 x 24 Inches 4-Color Screen Prints with Hand-Embellishments on 110lbs French Paper signed and numbered edition of 30

24 x 24 Inches 4-Color Screen Prints with Hand-Embellishments on 16Oz Pure Copper Signed and Numbered edition of 5

On Sale today at NOON EDT at

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