Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Koreatown with David Choe Estevan Oriol tonight

Tonight on CNN at 9 pm EDT/PDT Anthony Bourdain and his show Parts Unknown hang out with artists David Choe and Estevan Oriol. They take him around Koreatown to sample food and soak up the culture. There is also a studio visit with David Choe as well. Looks to be a some fun tonight.

Check out the preview

He is also going on tour for the first time ever in what he is calling Guts & Glory An Evening with Anthony Bourdain

Tickets and tour dates HERE


  1. and what this have in common with posters news?? really..

  2. I like David Choe's work. How often do you see a big news organization interviewing an artist ? You get to meet his parents and see other influences on him that shape his art today. Open you mind, there is a vast amount of work out there besides posters.

  3. We miss you Anthony, we miss you so much.