Monday, April 15, 2013

Muse East Rutherford Poster by David Welker World Premier Exclusive

Original Drawing

Muse is winding down their North American tour and one of the last stops is in East Rutherford New Jersey this Friday. So it is with great pleasure I give the World Premier of David Welker's poster for the show. Ok ok pick your jaw up I know I had the same reaction, this is one killer poster.

Now this poster is only for the people that purchased the VIP ticket packages for the show and those are sold out. But don't worry David will be selling his artist copies very soon. Don't worry I will let you know when he does. The poster is 6 color ultra violet screen print with 2 metallic inks.

I asked David the idea behind the design :

The inspiration for this poster came from the Muse song “Stockholm Syndrome”. The song suggests a female character or “muse” who wields extraordinary powers of beauty and influence. It is impossible to forget her, posses her or leave her. I wanted to portray her as if she had risen from the depths like a demon goddess born from an underwater volcano. Birthed like a mid ocean island her surface is cooling and turning black in the open air while her interior smolders with the promise of destruction. To gaze upon her is to be overcome by her. To attempt to posses her beauty is to court death itself. To leave her or forget her is impossible and once under her spell you are forever her prisoner. The pulse of humanity runs through her chest. Her horns are symbolic of her ability to protect herself and her ability to ensnare or impale anyone she chooses yet her eyes and her expression divulge the fact that she is in fact vulnerable.

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