Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Denial Studio Exclusives only from 1xRUN

1xRUN welcome back Denial as he returns for his 13th RUN. Previously Denial was joined Australian counterpart and recent partner in crime Ben Frost on their debut Denialex-PM . This time Denial returns solo with an exclusive look into his personal archives of original artwork and much more...

DENIAL, or “D3N!@L” is a Canadian graffiti and mixed-media artist. His moniker is a phonetic mix-up representing his first name, and by definition, pokes fun at modern advertising, politics, and media messages that society is often “in denial” about. DENIAL is known for his prolific guerrilla-marketing campaign, which takes public aim at ideas involving social-justice, pop-culture, mass-media, and “New World Order” conspiracy theories.

Various Size Mixed Media Paintings On Cradled Wood Boxes

1xRUN will have 25 pieces of his art for sale Tuesday at NOON EDT HERE

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