Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Christopher Harrell Even the Stars: Glow in the Dark Letterpress Poster

Been a little while since I heard from Christopher Harrell, but he is back with a nice looking glow in the dark print.

This typographic poster's quote comes from the classic film, I Walked with a Zombie. A perfect print for people who like quotes, stars, zombies, dying, or things that glow.

Chris designed the poster and hand carved the image from a linoleum block. He printed it in 2 passes on a Vandercook press at SVC's letterpress studio. It was printed with hand mixed deep blue Van Son ink and a very rare glow in the dark offset ink from Gans. This was a run of only 60 prints. Each print comes signed and numbered. The poster is printed on 100% cotton archival quality, acid-free 90lb paper.

Buy it HERE

Check out the video of him printing it

The Making of Even the Stars Letterpress Poster from Christopher Harrell on Vimeo.

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