Thursday, April 18, 2013

Freehub Spring Print by Jeff Boyes Visual Technicians

Jeff Boyes newest print is now on sale.  He did this illustration for the cover of the Spring edition of Freehub Magazine. Danny Askar printed this one and he did an amazing job!

 Edition of 100 plus 10 A/P's (Jeff only has #51 to #100 plus 10 A/P's)
-Signed and Numbered
-16" by 26"
-4 color screen print with a blend (This is a picture of the actual print)

Buy it HERE


  1. I read somewhere that Jeff Boyes chronicles his screen printing process. I went to the website(in quote below) but it wasn't there. Where can I find Jeff Boyes talk about his screen printing process? I would really like to improve.

    "Jeff has also been chronicling the screen printing process over at his website, I'm sure he'll be updating more, since he said the detail has created one of the toughest jobs he's ever had with printing."

    1. I talked to Jeff he has not posted anything. Best bet would be to contact Jeff