Monday, April 29, 2013

Primus 2013 Spring Tour Poster Series Artist Line Up

Whoops he did it again... Zoltron has done it again...Everyone's favorite musical Trio, (No, not Peter, Paul and Mary) Primus is hitting the road again this Spring.

And guess what..? Zoltron has put together another insane Poster Series…. This tour will conclude with their 106th poster since he started the series a few years ago, which is pretty sweet considering they originally set out to make a series of limited edition beer cozies instead.

This time around, Zoltron called on a number of heavyweight poster artists to be involved and they all responded with such enthusiastic replies as, "yeah, i guess..." "umm, ok..." and "who's Primus..?"

But nonetheless, once again they have a list of All Star Artists, each of whom will visually represent a single Primus performance with a hand printed, silkscreen poster, flowing from the depths of their creative (and sometimes twisted) imaginations.

Each performance, excluding the festivals, will have roughly 100 posters available for purchase from the merch booth - and like every show in the past, he expect the posters to sell out quickly. As usual, Dave the merch guy will supply tubes to protect your newly acquired flat stock treasures.

The individual posters will be unveiled the night of each show, at the gig, on the Primus facebook page and at  as well as on the blog.

The poster artists for this year's tour are alphabetically as follows:

Guy Burwell
Eddie Colla
Johnny Crap
Doe Eyed
Justin Hampton
Alan Hynes
Rich Kelly
123 Klan
Travis Lampe
Travis Louie
Jeremy Packer
Jermaine Rogers
Reuben Rude
Todd Slater
Jeff Soto
Ken Taylor

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  1. Damn! I was hoping there might be a poster for their appearance at Niagara Rocks!