Monday, April 15, 2013

James Flames Grizzly Bear Austin City Limits Poster Release Details

James Flames has an absolutely stunning new poster for the band Grizzly Bear, created for their recent taping of Austin City Limits, will go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday, April 16th) at 3pm Eastern - click here for a direct link to purchase one.

The title of the poster is "Some Great Beyond" and the image is based on the lyrics to their song Half Gate (from their recent album Shields) - specifically the end of the chorus and into the third verse:

Some great beyond
Still there, still as you were
At the end of the line
It's as if
there's no time at all
Nothing left to win
Every pleasure
burned to the wind
I tend to be alone
Quiet pictures
drawn each day
before it ends
To remind me once again
Why I'm even here

The poster is  18" x 24", 5-Color Screenprint, Hand Printed Edition of 250, Signed & Numbered

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