Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Evolution" Art Show in Chicago Kickstarter Project Brin Levinson, David Welker, James Flames & Tim Doyle Presented by Chef Brian Merel

Chef Brian Merel of Hell's Kitchen has come up with the most unique concept yet. The melding of food and art, two very emotional items into one amazing event. He has started a Kickstarter Project to help fund this creative idea, won't you help him ?

"Evolution" Art Show coming to Chicago!  Featuring the work of Brin Levinson, David Welker, James Flames & Tim Doyle! Catered by Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Chef Brian Merel.

The Merel Gallery : An experience in art, food and the human brain.
December 13-15, 2013 - Chicago

David Welker

James Flames

Tim Doyle

Brin Levinson

Four unique artists.
One chef.
One living organism.
The art defined by the group.
The food paired with the art.
The space itself defined and created by both.

***All new original works, sketches, drawings and prints***

No gallery has done this before...

There's a unique intimacy when it comes to viewing art. The artist has spent hours upon hours, days and months to create works that are meant to touch us in some way or another. The collector has waited months upon months, excited to see what their favorite artist has come up with this time. The doors open, we flood in, view, feel and rub shoulders on occasion with our favorites. Its an open space filled with collectors, artists, journalists and passerby's. A bar serving wine and beer can usually be found along with some cheeses, fruit and an occasional small bite. The space has seen many different faces, brought to life by the art that graces her walls. What if the ART was defined specifically by a group of artists, the FOOD defined by the art itself and the SPACE was defined by both?
Welcome to The Merel Gallery.

Go to his Kickstarter Project Page to see more info and learn about the rewards and how you can help.

Check out the promo video

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  1. Pretty sweet idea, but a lack of rewards that would cater to lower-dollar-amount, higher-backer-numbers, seems like this could fail. Also, an expression of what exactly a "Showcard" is, should be available.


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