Friday, June 28, 2013

Brady Scott Cigar Box Guitar Festival Prints and Custom Banjo Heads

Brady Scott did these prints to commemorate the 3rd annual Cigar Box Guitar Festival in Kansas City, MO. Each print is a high quality reproduction of his original charcoal & pastel drawings. They are 11 x 17 and they are digitally printed on a nice thick paper. Then he sprays each print with a UV coating and hands sign each one.

He also has a line of Custom Banjo Heads with his illustrations printed directly to the banjo head. Every Banjo Blossom Custom Banjo Head begins with a band new Remo Weather King Head. All of Brady's artwork is hand drawn with love and care the old fashioned way. Then each piece is scanned into the computer and printed with meticulous craftsmanship by Woodshed Stage Art. They are printed with a very unique and durable UV ink direct to head printing process that took a while to perfect and as far as I know are the only real line of custom banjo heads out there.

To see more of Brady's work and to purchase the prints and Banjo Heads hit up his website . The Banjo heads are under the Banjo Blossoms tab on his site.

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