Friday, June 21, 2013

Sever War and Pieces Print Release Details

Some of his other work

1xRUN welcome Sever for his first RUN with them. He is an internationally recognized writer whose work over the past two decades has inspired community service crews and graffiti enthusiasts alike. Sever has cultivated his love for vandalism in some of the most forgotten neighborhoods in the world, having lived and traveled throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.

 "This piece was created in February of 2013. Having tried everything else and failed, the Coyote has now resorted to throwing this shit at his nemesis the Roadrunner. At a pretty impressionable age I remember looking at the commercials during Saturday morning cartoons and just feeling bombed with all of these messages that I couldn't really understand: consumer crap, shit food, Crack, AIDS, SisterSister, low credit scores and what have you. When the shows came back on I always thought that these real world traps seemed so much more frightening than the harpoons or bear traps ever did in the cartoons. So this idea was born out of those early realizations. Illustrated hand-drawn pencil sketch transformed into the 12-color screen print you see here. " - Sever

War and Pieces is a 24 x 18 Inches 12 - Color Screen Print on 100lbs Cougar Fine Art Paper with an edition of 100 signed and numbered

On sale Friday at NOON EDT at

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