Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jeremy Hush Droning Glow Print

Some of you might be unfamiliar with Jeremy Hush but he has worked with John Baizley as a roadie for Baroness since nearly the beginning. That was around 2003 I believe? Before that he was with KYLESA from their start. Being from Savannah, Georgia, he was close with a lot of those Southern bands. Now he making a go of doing more art. He used to sell merch for Baroness at the shows as well and would sell his own work too. I still remember picking up his Kitten Skull print years ago at a show.

He just released a new print titled Droning Glow print, it is 12x15" large print on 14pt heavy card stock. Full color. Very limited edition of 50. Signed and numbered.

He has several other prints for sale as well in his store HERE be sure to check them out.

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