Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jimbob Isaac Red Fang Poster On Sale NOW



Jimbob Isaac was delighted to work with the stellar fellows of RED FANG. An amazing live band, and great dudes to boot. Here is the poster version, of the t-shirt design he recently completed for them. Aaron suggested something along the lines of a Lion’s head on an ant’s body, or an Ant’s head on a Lion’s body. Either way, it sounded like something that was in line with his artwork, and something that he could run with and expand upon.

This was created with pencil sketch, pen and ink, and digitally colored check out some of his process images HERE. Burlesque Design handled the printing, and they did a sterling job. The silver color way, has a metallic ink for the highlight.
The poster is four color screen prin
Silver (with metallic highlight) x 80
Brown x 40
Signed and numbered

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