Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HRVB Baseball Bat Print Release Details

Part of Nychos crew The Weird is in Detroit this week preparing for a show this weekend. During that time 1xRUN will be releasing prints by some of the artists as well. Today the print is from HRVB or like his friend Alfonso call him "Herr", is a freelance illustrator and graffiti-lovin-artist. He lives and works in his hometown Berlin/Germany.

"I didn't decide consciously on becoming an artist. Like nearly every kid in Berlin, I came in contact with graffiti in the mid 90's. Over the years my style has shaped and I've created my very own world of expression." - HRVB

"I had been on a short trip to Bulgaria with my mate DXTR. A whole week full of painting and hanging around with a bunch of crazy bastards. When I was back in Berlin my head was brimming with ideas. For two days I sketched all these ideas out and one of them was this baseball bat and the guy in the car. Then I was looking for someone who really kicks ass. The first thought was Batman because of his funky car. I have created a few different pieces with cars at the center during the last few years like the famous "fressenpolierer" and I really love to have a batmobile of that shape.

This piece is another plushy cucumber. I create this one around Easter 2013 using my brain, my right hand, my wacom and two bottles of club-mate. It's a mixture of two paintings I did earlier this year, so I combined the best parts of both for this Batman print. " - HRVB

Baseball Bat is a 18 x 24 Inches 2-Color Screen Print On 130lbs Cougar Fine Art Paper with a signed and numbered edition of 40

On sale today at NOON EDT at 1xRUN.com

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