Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brian Ewing Creature Print On Sale NOW

Brian Ewing is continuing with the Dissected Monster series. This time around it's his favorite monster ever - The Creature!

Brian on the print:

Of all the monsters from that period the Gill Man still holds up. The design was ahead of its time. When I was a kid and they aired the Creature in 3D I remember running around frantically trying to earn $1.50 to buy the 3D glasses from Open Pantry down the block. I begged my mom to help me adjust our old tv to the correct frequency so the 3D 'technology' actually worked. It was a glorious day that I'll always remember.

 Details on the Creature Deep Blue Sea Colorway
18”x24” Signed & Numbered edition of 50 Screen Print
 Printed using a special metallic ink combo, this print actually changes as you walk around it for an optical illusion that will have people talking about and maybe a little scared too !

Buy it at Brian's all new store HERE

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