Monday, June 24, 2013

Darcy J Watt "Tonkiri" Woodcut Print

Tonkiri is a center being developed in Manitoba, Canada which works with and in the tradition of Maestro Juan Flores, an Asháninka shaman from the Peruvian Amazon at the helm of Mayantuyacu. (Tonkiri means hummingbird.). This emblem symbolizes the core purpose of the center.  It was carved into wood and then printed on Darcy's etching press before being hand painted with watercolors. Mapacho (sacred tobacco) was smoked before editioning and the ink was infused with its smoke and ash in ritual. The completed edition is to be further blessed with an icaro and soplado performed by ayahuasquero, Jim Sanders.

To see Darcy J Watts process for creating this click HERE

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