Friday, June 21, 2013

Jermaine Rogers 'Comfort...' Scion Gallery Showing Opens In Los Angeles

Jermaine Rogers is just getting into the thick of 'traveling season', and it begins in southern California. He would like to invite you to the Scion AV Installation retail store gallery in Los Angeles for “Comfort for the Desperate Children”, an exhibit curated by Jermaine Rogers. This show will feature rare prints, test prints, original artwork, and special limited edition products custom made specifically for the show, and will all be available for purchase. There will also be some very special surprises, and Jermaine will be in attendance!

This show will be the debut of the very limited edition 'Dero: CREEPING', the new resin piece by Jermaine. This sculpt measures an ample 10x5 inches. Jermaine worked closely with ultra hot sculptor Jryu Jess to coax this figure into crawling reality.

 Pictured above is the regular colorway. There are 2 variants which will be revealed at the opening night event (one of them is the upcoming SDCC Exclusive). The regular colorway and a 'secret' colorway will be available in very limited quantities for the first time at the Scion showing this Saturday evening. There will be a very limited amount of the first casts available for sale on opening night.

RSVP now for the opening reception on June 22 from 7-10 PM:

From Jermaine: 'I hope you will be able to make it out to the opening night if you're in the L.A. area. It is a very different type of show that I'm doing with Scion. Yes, there will be original art from various prints I've done, test prints, variants, and special pieces from bands I've worked with including Deftones, Radiohead, Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool, and many more. Saturday evening's opening event will also see the release of the new 'Dero: Creeping' resin figure. But, I've also worked very closely with Scion to produce many special custom items that will be available exclusively at this show. Limited edition items such as mugs, clothing, lighters, and even 'Meditation Candles' (pictured) will be available, among other surprises. I will be in attendance...signing, doodling, and disappointing you.

I'll also have some little gifts on me, and I'll give one to anyone who asks me for one. But, you have to ask"

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