Monday, March 17, 2014

Askew Detroit Entities Alpha Print Release

New Zealand artist Askew is back with a new release through 1xRUN today, Detroit Entities Alpha Print.

"The way I create these works is in a loose circular way, each entity is a spontaneous drawing where the only ruling parameter is that it must eventually become a sphere like body. I painted two similar works in this style in the lead up to my Entropy show at Inner State Gallery in August last year. Previously I had done these Entity studies as individual compositions on smaller works but had this idea for many tiled onto one larger painting. So far these are the only paintings I’ve done like that.

More or less the Entropy show was my discussion about creation. A lot of people have differing views about this but I find my peace in concepts that don’t have an absolute answer. I enjoy the idea of rogue subatomic particles that are re-appropriated to become new things, congealing and functioning as one defined thing for a period of time then dismantling, drifting and becoming new things. It’s quite profound." - Askew
 On sale Monday at NOON EST at

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