Friday, March 14, 2014

Pearl Jam Baltimore Rhys Cooper Band Signed Poster Charity Auction

This limited edition Pearl Jam poster is signed by all members of the band. The poster is from the Baltimore show on Oct 27th, 2013 Lightning Bolt Tour and was designed by Australian Rhys Cooper who incorporated home town author Edgar Allan Poe's raven into the design. This show edition poster sold out at the show within minutes.

This poster, along with Pearl Jam set lists from the recent Big Day Out tour, and rare/limited release vinyls are being auctioned on to raise funds for the Echo Center in Culver City, CA. The Echo Center is a pre-eminent program to educate children who are deaf and hard of hearing where they learn alongside their hearing peers in the mainstream environment of the Echo Horizon School

One of Pearl Jam's own, long time band lighting designer Kille, has three children that attend the school, two of whom have hearing loss and benefit from this highly regarded program. The funds raised will go directly into supporting the Echo Center program as well as the tuition assistance fund needed to support many of the families who have children with hearing loss.

Bid on the poster now by clicking HERE

Vinyl and set lists HERE

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