Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Disney Nothing's Impossible Mondo Poster Sale

Mondo will be releasing ALL remaining posters from their recent gallery show, "Nothing's Impossible," with Disney. With 31 or so posters plus a few wood variants it's hard to say what will make it online. I posted some of my favorites above. If you want to see them all go HERE

On sale Tuesday at a random time at Mondotees.com. Butthurt to follow soon after.

Post sale Opinion: I think this online sale was handled very poorly by Mondo. Why not let your customers know which posters are actually going to be on sale online ? That is just good customer service.

They dropped the posters in batches, good idea. But if you can only afford 1 or 2 posters but you would love to get others if the ones you really want are not on sale. You wait until the end hoping to see the posters you really want but find out they never made it online for sale and then your second choice posters sold out therefore you got nothing you wanted and wasted your time. Communicating with your customers is one of the fundamentals of good service.


  1. I agree the admin's opinion. Why not tell the customers of the poster corporation what will be for sale? Nothing I wanted ever came up for sale. I spent 3 hours refreshing...I now have more negative feelings for Mondo.

  2. I agree, and I would also like to add that they completely ruined Oscar night for me by not doing something they've sort of made tradition of (releasing prints from the nominees).. I refreshed for 3+ hours and it would have been real simple just to answer the questions from their customers on facebook instead of ignoring them how hard is it to simply say "we won't be releasing prints during the academy awards this year"

  3. on every poster site..the posters used to promote this weren't for sale. gee i wonder why? gotta get that traffic. A lot of mondo posters wouldn't sell out on any other site. this is a fact.

    1. Most of the sites used the flyer with the Ken Taylor image. I used my the image I liked the best


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