Friday, March 28, 2014

Jay Ryan It's a Jolly Holiday With Sauropods Print Release

Details from Jay Ryan on the latest release from The Bird Machine:

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! I'll make the story as brief as possible: A few months back, I was invited to be involved in a show of 30 postermakers celebrating the films of a large entertainment company. I selected one of their films to interpret as a print. I drew chimney sweeps and nannies and kites. Due to some internal bureaucracy at the large entertainment company, six of the last submissions were rejected, including mine. I was out of this show. I decided to remove the film's titular text from the middle of the composition, and to fill the space with... Brachiosaurs... of course. Floral Sauropods. This is the print. It has chimney sweeps, nannies, kites, and dinosaurs. 18 by 24 inches, ten screens. We made a signed and numbered edition of 260. Available at noon Chicago time today, Friday, March 28. "Eats Leaves - All Types." Jay

I am more than happy to add what Jay left out, most of you know this was for the Mondo disney Show. The poster was for the movie Mary Poppins. Fuck disney and buy this print from Jay and show them what a mistake they made by not including his work.

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