Monday, March 24, 2014

Randy Ortiz Cannibal Holocaust Movie Poster Release from Grey Matter Art & Sponsor Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce to you Grey Matter Art and their amazing first release from Randy Ortiz.

Grey Matter Art is proud to announce, in partnership with Grindhouse Releasing, a limited edition screenprint by artist Randy Ortiz for the iconic horror film “Cannibal Holocaust”. This will be the first print release for Grey Matter Art, a new officially licensed poster company who are based out of New York.

Released in 1980 and directed by Ruggero Deodato, the film is often referred to as “The most controversial movie of all time" and innovated the found footage style of narrative film making. Randy Ortiz had this to say about Cannibal Holocaust…

“I was a somewhat strange kid growing up. I had a morbid curiosity and was incredibly fascinated with the world of underground pseudo snuff cinema. I always kept this to myself and never shared the fact I had bootleg VHS tapes of classics such as Flowers of Flesh and Blood, the Faces of Death series, and Men Behind the Sun. Looking back at these films as an adult, one could argue the disgusting brutal nature of these films in comparison to Cannibal Holocaust are far and beyond, but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way to me. Even after all these years, I still find Cannibal Holocaust to be very unsettling to watch. The incredibly offensive and controversial scenes drape over a powerful message about what we perceive as ‘reality’ in the media and that we should seek truth farther beyond what is presented to us. I feel that message is still important to this day. A film crew fabricating a village slaughter who end up paying the ultimate price is something I wanted to capture in my poster as opposed to doing a rendition of the straight forward “impaled girl” that the film is most known for. I feel going this route pays tribute to the more underlying story Ruggero Deodato wanted to convey to his audience. It’s a crazy film that is definitely not for the majority, but it still is one of the few films out there that has left a lasting, scarring impression on me.”

The Cannibal Holocaust poster titled "Welcome to the Jungle" will be going on sale at a random time between 1:00-2:00 PM. EST. on Tuesday April 08th. Regular edition posters are $45.00 with a run of 250, and the "Green Inferno" variant will be $55.00 with a run of 125. Both posters measure 24 x 36 inches. For more information please visit You can also visit them on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Grey Matter Art will have a few major projects to announce soon with some very talented artists attached, so be on the look out. Also, they plan to have select screenings to coincide poster drops in and around the New York area, and will be announcing the first screening and artist soon as well. Sign up for the newsletter for all future updates.

Grey Matter Art is also proud to announce their partnership with Post No Joes Productions as executive producers of the Twenty-four by Thirty-six documentary. Co-founder and creative director Michael Gregory, expressed his excitement over the companies first official release and the documentary.

“Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in our new poster company, I am so excited that our first poster is with the very talented artist Randy Ortiz . We are huge fans of his, and think this is a great first title for us to be releasing. Aside from doing more well known properties, we are really trying to cover diverse titles too, and I think collectors will enjoy what we have in store in the coming months”.! ! “When we had the idea of signing on with Kevin Burke for his Twenty-four by Thirty-six documentary, we really thought it was a great opportunity to be a part of something so important to the film poster community. Kevin has been great in working with us and keeping us up to date on his travels to meet so many talented artists, as well as some of the best galleries out there doing this too. I think the documentary will cover a lot of different ground and also show the inner workings of what it takes to actually create a film poster.”

Grindhouse Releasing is a Hollywood-based independent cult film distribution company headed up by acclaimed film editor Bob Murawski and co-founded by the late director/actor Sage Stallone. Bob Murawski was awarded the 2010 Academy Award, BAFTA, and A.C.E. Award for "Best Film Editing" on the feature film, THE HURT LOCKER, shared with co-editor and wife, Chris Innis. He often works with film director Sam Raimi, having edited ARMY OF DARKNESS and the first three original Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN films. Grindhouse Releasing focuses on the distribution of rare and little-seen independent cult and "exploitation films" and is considered the "Criterion" of horror film distribution, employing the highest standards for quality and deluxe bonus materials on their releases.

I also want to take this opportunity to welcome Grey Matter Art as the newest sponsor on Inside the Rock Poster as well, something I'm pretty excited about.

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