Friday, March 21, 2014

David Welker Widespread Panic Spring Tour Poster

Original Drawing
Widespread Panic have kicked off their spring tour and if you happen to be going to any of the west coast shows starting in Seattle on March 25 be sure to look out for this sweet poster by David Welker.

David Welker created a seven-color screen print to promote Widespread Panic's spring tour. "The group has one of the richest poster scenes of any major band," the artist said. "This is for the tour's west coast leg, which starts in Seattle and moves south" to Portland, Oakland, Reno, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles, "so I wanted to riff on Pacific Northwest lore."

He did more than his usual share of preliminary work on this particular piece, finally settling on a "sort of epic scene with Bigfoot running inland and the Yeti coming ashore in pursuit of his cousin – which has stirred up a fiercely turbulent sea," depicted by the frothy waves breaking against rounded, tree-topped hills. "I wanted to insert as much repetition as possible and reinforce the west's winding coastline," Welker explained.

The arm clutching a fish, center left, "raises more questions about the event than it answers," he pointed out. "I think the image as a whole plays off the name Widespread Panic well."

David Welker is represented by Bernstein & Andriulli

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