Friday, March 28, 2014

Kenji Nakayama Etudes Print Release Details

Japanese Artist Kenji Nakayama returns to 1xRUN today with a new print titled Etudes.

"This body of work is called “Etudes” because it was a new challenging exercise for me—not unlike what musicians and composers do with etude works. I had a specific set of rules to work within, but I never knew how the series would develop. It organically evolved over time.

This original piece and many others will be for sale at my upcoming exhibition opening April 18th at the Fourth Wall Project in Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the forty-nine experimental paintings that I created over the past several months. The series began with several rosettes created in summer and fall of 2013, which might remind viewers of stained glass, mandalas, and hubcaps. The series transitions organically from circular-based works to more calligraphic compositions that meander from central points. The later works in the series takes inspiration from Edo-era signage, which is defined by thick and heavy brushstrokes with round edges.

The number of works created in this series -- forty-nine -- refers to the period of mourning that is observed within Zen Buddhist traditions. Within this ritual, it is believed that the spirit of the deceased will transition into the next realm after a forty-nine day period. The forty-ninth day is celebrated by family and friends with a ceremony." - Kenji Nakayama

On sale at NOON EST Friday at

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