Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tragedy at SxSW in Austin

One of the worst things that could happen did tonight in Austin. If you have ever been to SxSW in Austin you know they close off the streets. Well some drunk being pursed by the police crashed through a barricade at Red River and 10th street outside the Mohawk tonight and injured at least 23 people and killed 2 as of right now.

A lot of people I know are in Austin right now and I hope you are all safe along with those you care about.

Read about it at these sites

If you were on the scene at the car/pedestrian accident on Red River March 13, please call APD - 512-974-5186

I found out about this after coming home from spending 4 hours at the hospital tonight after someone hit and ran someone I care about very much. Thankfully she has only some whiplash and is sore.

 Right now there are more important things in life than posters. Hug those you love and make sure to wear your seat belt in the car.

A fund has been established to make donations to those affected by the fatal crash on Red River this morning:


  1. Cops need to know when to stop a chase, sounds like, was my first thought. My heart goes out to those directly affected.

  2. No way, dude. This guy was drunk and crashed through a barricade before mowing down people...there's no way the police could have anticipated THAT sort of thing. I'm not always a huge fan of the boys in blue, myself...but your anger is completely mis-directed if that was your "first thought".

  3. There was nothing the cops could have done. If you look at the map of events on one of those websites you can see. They pulled him over he took off and a block later he went through the barricade, the street blocks in Austin are not that long.

  4. I just heard chase fellas. Sad not angry. Just trying to see how it could have been avoided besides the obvious; don't drink and drive.