Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Judith Supine's Golden Child Exhibition at MECKA Gallery

MECKA Gallery is excited to announce it's latest exhibition, Golden Child, with street artist Judith Supine.

In anticipation for the show this Saturday, March 29th, they will be releasing two prints.

"Arcadio", a 1 color, hand pulled and hand embellished screen print on archival paper will go on sale tomorrow at 12pm eastern on Meckagallery.com. Each print is 30 x 40 inches, 100% unique, signed and numbered out of an edition of 30. Each will cost $450.

"Treasure Island", a 5 color, 18 x 24 inches screen print will be available to purchase at the show on Saturday at 8pm. Each print is signed and numbered out of an edition of 100 and will cost $150. The artist has also randomly included 5 hand embellished prints into the stack as well as created a few originals for the first few people in line for the show.

Opening Reception is from 8pm-11pm and will feature music from (CREEP) Lauren Flax.

Admission and drinks are free.

Judith Supine, born in Portsmouth, Virginia is a Brooklyn based street artist best known for his provocative, ‘cut-up’ technique. The somewhat ant-social, highly admired Supine has been a unique and steadfast fixture on the New York art scene since the mid-2000s. He is widely recognized, for both his works as well as their exceptional placement. Most notably, in 2007, Supine climbed, freehand, thirty-one stories to hang one of his signature collage characters over the Manhattan Bridge. He proudly was not arrested for this act.

Supine didn't speak through his entire childhood and into young adulthood. A complete mute until just after his seventeenth birthday, Supine’s mother taught him how to draw and paint as an alternate means of communication. He would draw pictures to convey his thoughts and feelings as a way to interact with his family. Art became an escape outlet for Supine, and he continues to communicate with the world via his gritty, funhouse images.

A self-professed trash collector and magpie, Supine uses materials that he finds in daily life. A magazine from the dentist’s office can be turned into his next masterpiece with the help of an X-Acto knife, low-cost paint, and glue sticks. God and ‘The Broad Highway’ inspire him. In a similar vain of Brion Gysin and Burroughs, every piece of work in Supine’s collections have a sense of controlled chaos and a stream of consciousness to their environments. He is a collagist of the psychedelic and surreal.

In his free time, Supine is a daydreamer, enjoys reading crime novels, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. It is his haphazard attitude towards the art world that has become the licentious spirit driving it all forward.

Judith Supine “Golden Child,” a solo exhibition and installation, will debut on March 29th at 8pm at Mecka Gallery (65 Meadow Street) in Brooklyn and also feature music from (CREEP) Lauren Flax.

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