Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brian Luong Death & Life-in-Death Print

Brian Luong and Rob of Twin Serpents have released their first print Death and Life-in-Death as a tribute to the great Gustave Doré. A few pieces by Doré were selected by Rob out of his extensive collection to be re-imagined by modern artists.

 I asked Rob about the concept:
"I love the work of Gustave Dore and decided to do a tribute to the great master from the past. I chose 4 of Gustave Dore's paintings and woodcuts and picked 4 designers to re-imagine the pieces with their personal styles and modern techniques. Brian got "Death & Life-in-Death" (I attached Gustave's piece) and he worked his magic"
The print has an edition of 50 pieces, screen printed by Burlesque of North America, 4 color print on Black Liquorice French Paper and it measures 18x24.

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