Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Beau Stanton Genesis Print & 2 More

1xRUN will be releasing 3 new prints by Beau Stanton and 6 pieces of original art. The prints are titled Genesis, The Ornamented Man and Cognative Conflagration.

Regarding Genesis Beau had this to say: "This piece was the central panel of a large triptych that made up the centerpiece of my Cartography of the Machine show. All of the work in the exhibition utilized some form of visual exposition to convey the narrative such as exploded views, cutaways, etc. These three paintings all correspond horizontally with elements from each stratified layer continuing into the next painting.

I’ve created images before that reference the stratified layers of history, but this image takes the concept in a different direction. A great tree of life blossoming out of the fertile ground made up of designs and ornaments from different time periods and cultures as well as a layer of dinosaur fossils and Greek sculptures (Most of them from the Pergamon Altar)." - Beau Stanton

Everything will be on sale Tuesday at NOON EST at 1xRUN.com

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