Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rob Loukotka Fringe Focus Print Club

You know how all those clubs have dress rules or velvet ropes you have stand behind. Well this club that Rob Loukotka of Fringe Focus is doing has none of that pretentious crap. Rob has started a new print club for 2015 and you are at the front of the line. It's a bit unique, since it is both paid for and shipped quarterly. No need to pay for an entire year upfront, and no need to wait 6-12 months for your art. There will be two screen prints and a wood engraving in the first quarter, Jan/Feb/Mar 2015.

Here are a ton of details:

The benefits I list on my website (which you are free to abbreviate, I write too much):
  • Your trio of prints that arrive each quarter are discounted! Quarter #1 is $99 for $129 of art. That’s 23% off if you’re counting.
  • If you stay a member for 4 quarters in a row (one year) your quarterly package at the end of the year will include 1 Print Club Member Exclusive Poster (screen print). Also a mystery.
  • You will be assigned a personal edition number upon subscribing (lowest numbers go to members first). All print club prints are limited edition, and you’ll receive the same number on all of your prints, forever (well, as long as you subscribe).
  • Print Club Members will get their name and edition number engraved on a bigass wooden plaque here in my workshop. This will serve as a cool reminder of who Rob making art for, and who really loves Rob.
  • Free shipping. Since Rob is shipping 3 pieces at once to you, shipping is free for print club packages. (International shipping remains at $20, but the other benefits still apply!)
The last day to sign up and secure your position with Quarter #1 is today, December 31st. People are locked in January 1st, so new signups after that day then will begin with Quarter 2 (Apr/May/Jun).

Rob is planning on continuing this project all year, so that's roughly 13 prints at a discount for members who stick around all 2015.

Also, Quarter #1 has a theme: Darkness. All quarters will have themes, so your trio of art each quarter has a little bit of theme to it (could be color, tone, subject, etc.)

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